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How web sites are made

9 main questions which the company managers is good to think about before preparing a web site

Corporate presence in Internet is not just a matter of fashion, it is necessity. Having a website will remind your clients about your company and at the same time many tasks will be achieved – optimization of the communication with the clients and the business partners, sell of products and services. Each manager, who plans to build a website or specific web project, is good to think about these questions in advance. Their success depends on having the correct answers on these questions.

1. Why

Many times the decision about web site production is not very well motivated. It is believed that it is good the company to have web site. That is quite wrong. The site must have its own aim and targets it should follow and achieve.

2. For who

It is important to know who the web site is made for, who the visitors of the site are going to be so the site production should be focused on them – design, functionality, content. For example, if the aim of the site is popularizing a new product for young girls, living in Sofia the web site will be different from a web which aim is to improve the communication with the current clients – men, at average age, living in Europe.

3. Correct choice - who

There are three ways of building a corporative web site – to be assigned to a company member, a freelance designer or a web agency. First two options can save you money. But the problems sooner or later come because usually a good site cannot be made by one person only. Many times the support of the site, its quality and safety is bad. When it comes to choosing web agency usually marketing specialists, designers and programmers are also involved. This is the experienced team, which knows the media opportunities; they offer options to think about, give guaranties, support the site and promote the site after it is ready.

4. How

If you want to have quality web sites – hire a professional web agency. The web site is not just a beautiful graphic solution, but also difficult functionality and programming. Professionals know all the elements to make one site successful.

5. Where

If we want our site to be easily accessible it is important to choose an appropriate hosting. Not always the cheap solution is the right one.  This applies to higher extend to the serious business projects, where buying own server is necessary. Consult the online specialists about the best solution. Find the best name for your web site – it is also important. It should be attractive, easy to remember and writing and to “talk” about the site itself.

6. When

The start date of each project is important. Also banner advertising and press releases should be planned.

7. Do not undervalue internet

Except of promoting of the site, also support is needed, because there is nothing more annoying than out-of-date information. The update period and who will be updating the site are two of the most important things.

8. Do not overvalue internet

Internet is one of the most dynamic media. It requires permanent activity. It is true that miracles happen rarely, but being persistent can help you a lot. Anyway, do not except that your online presence will solve all your problems.

9. Be realistic

Except of the questions listed, we are sure that many questions will come to your mind. But this shouldn’t stop you! It should be clear that in Internet there are millions and millions site projected like yours. Everybody aims to be unique. How many are unique, though? And is this necessary at all? Don’t think that it is easy to create second Amazon.com and don’t aim to make your corporative site like yahoo. Be realistic and you will be successful!

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