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Here is a short list of some of our most successful campaigns:

  • Campaign for Amperel - Bionsen – banner campaign, promo-site, online pool;
  • Campaign for Amperel - Leocrema – banner campaign, promo-site, viral marketing, online game;
  • Campaign for Oriflame – banner campaign, промо страница, онлайн игра;
  • Several campaigns for Municipal Bank;
  • Several campaigns for Shell Bulgaria;
  • Several campaigns for Otslabvane.com - спонсориран сайт, банерни кампании, viral, онлайн игри и конкурси;
  • Several campaigns for VaxiGrip;
  • Several campaigns for SpriGripa.info;
  • Several campaigns for Femalelife.bg и Yasmin.bg;
  • Campaigns for Vaxini.com – banner campaign, sponsored link, viral;
  • Campaign for Systane – banner campaign, online game;
  • Campaign for Macdonalds Bulgaria;
  • Campaign for Threadlifting with Lead Fine Lift - brand website, banner campaign based on predictive behaivioral targeting, articles in online media, Facebook ads and Facebook fan page

And many others… we will tell you about them, when we see each other and discuss your online campaign.
Contact us now +359 2 439 01 04 or  info@abcbg.com.

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