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Information website for Central Halls Sofia

At the request of Kaufland Bulgaria, we developed an attractive information website with a stylish design and convenient navigation for the connection of Central Halls Sofia, as a new property within the company. The site presents, on the one hand, interesting historical information about the development of Sofia, the area around central halls in time and its functions as the main commercial center of the capital, the history of central halls from the design of the building to today, and on the other, developed in 2021. by Kaufland a project for renovation of the building and reconstruction of the interior space, corresponding to the modern requirements of modern trade, preserving the commercial function of the building.

Web site Web site

Category Web solution
Date 01.12.2021
Type Other
Client Kaufland Bulgaria EOOD & CO KD
Responsive design  

Petya Kirkova, Vera Peykova, Justine Toms, Peter Enchev

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