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Web site – mission mandatory. Having corporative web site is not luxurious accessory any more. Now it is an obligatory instrument, part of the communication strategy of each company. Every web site must have clear aims and target, must be functional, light and clear and look good. Also it has to be useful for the visitors and well optimized for Google and the rest search engines.

For your corporative web site and online advertising ABC Design & Communication offers:

  • Strategy building
  • Design and programming
  • SEO
  • Promotion and online advertising
  • Support
  • Consultations
  • Education
  • Complete solution.

We develop web sites. And we make them very skillfully. It does not matter if you need a major corporate web site, an intraweb newtwork, e-commerce or custom-made online solutions - we can fulfill all your needs. The development process includes all phases: planning, design, programming, testing, product web launch,online advertising and where required, ongoing support of the web site.

Here are some of the areas we have worked web solutions for:

Many of our web sites have been awarded with different prizes on the BG Site competition throughout the years, Here are some of those, who we are really proud of:

  • BG Site 2001
    Information Agency Focus – First place "Information web site"
    Sofia municipality - www.sofia.bg – Third place "Institutional site"
  • BG Ste 2002
    Information Agency Focus – First place "Information web site"
    Sofia municipality - www.sofia.bg – First place "Institutional site”
  • BG Site  2003
    Sofia municipality - www.sofia.bg – First place - public "Institutional site”
    McDonalds Bulgaria - www.mcdonalds.bg – First place public “Corporative site”
    Shell Bulgaria - www.shell.bg –  Second place – public “Corporative site”
    BGmaps - www.bgmaps.com – First place “Online services”
    BGmaps - www.bgmaps.com – First place – public “Online services"
  • Web festival Albena 2004
    Az-deteto.com – Third place  "Educational site"
  • BG Site  2004
    Vinoto.com – First place – public "Educational site"
    Vinoto.com – Second place “Educational site”
    “9 months” magazine – Second place public “Educational site”
    Sofia municipality  - www.sofia.bg - First place public “Educational site”
    Sofia municipality – www.sofia.bg – Second place “Institutional site"
    Otslabvane.com –  third place “Health care site”
    Otslabvane.com –  second place public “Health care site”
    Shell Bulgaria – www.shell.bg – First place public “Corporative site”
    Xenicapital advertising campaign – Third place public "Online advertsing"
  • Bulgarian Public Relations Society Prize – category “PR campaign” and special prize from the “Ministry of the social work” for the campaign “Virtual letter to Santa” in az-deteto.com

Your business success in Internet is a proof of your well done job. Our clients are already convinced about that

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