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Organizing an event for bloggers for Polpharma

For Polpharma we organized blogger`s event on a health theme.
The theme was "Urolithiasis and Phytolysin - Complex Care for the Urine Tract". We invited bloggers who are interested in health, healthy lifestyle and natural products. Prof. Mladenov - a urologist at the University Hospital "Alexandrovska" presented to the bloggers interesting facts about the urolithiasis, as well as, how they could protect themselves from the disease. The participants pubblished their impressions for the event in their blogs. Some of the posts was accompanied by personal stories. They pubblished in the social networks too.

Category Other
Date 29.09.2017
Type Events
Client Polpharma

Justine Toms, Denitsa Vasileva, Tsvetelina Trendafilova

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