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Campaign "Draw me a spring"

Organization and conduction of promotional events in 3 shopping centers (2 supermarkets & 1 mall). The goal was to grab the attention of passers-by and raise the brand awareness of Bonduelle. Promo outfits, branded balloons and a stand were also developed and supplied by us.

Organization of a bloggers` initiative and an outdoors gallery in Sofia and Varna with art pieces made by 20 bloggers. Passers were voting for the best picture, which had won for the blogger a Spa Weekend for two in Velingrad.

Category Internet Advertising
Date 15.05.2017
Type Campaigns
Client ВК Комерсиал Европродукт ООД

Александър Балчев и Жюстин Томс; Дизайнери: Бистра Христова, Валентин Василев

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